scCO2 uses have grown substantially over the past three decades. The evolution of equipment and processes from early applications of decaffeination of coffee to compound extraction from biomass to analytical chemistry to polymer production to medical sterilization has been continuous at a steady pace, but this pace is now accelerating in a significant way.

As scCO2 becomes more widely recognized, and the low temperature, non-reactive, penetrating attributes of the material are better appreciated, applied research projects are growing exponentially. Despite many materials being compatible with gas phase CO2, in the supercritical state, CO2 may create problems with structure and function. Because of this, NovaSterilis has evaluated hundreds of products as either standalone materials or devices, which often are comprised of combinations of interconnected materials. The products range from single use, single material syringes to single use multi-material packaging to multi-use, complex devices such as endoscopes.

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Material compatibility

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