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Why Choose NovaSterilis for Your Sterilization Needs?

Achieve Sterility Assurance Level 10-6


  • Aseptic manufacturing is costly
  • The penetration capabilities of gas modalities can result in inconsistent sterilization
  • Most companies only have experience with the Overkill validation method


scCO2 is the deepest penetrating, low temperature sterilization modality and meets performance and residual requirements for FDA clearance.

Sustainable Alternative to EO Sterilization


  • EO sterilization is under regulatory pressure from the  FDA and EPA
  • Recent litigation has increased risk profile of EO sterilization
  • Facility closures and increased processing costs could result in slower turnaround times


scCO2 sterilization offers an eco-friendly, cost-effective, risk mitigated solution.

Broader Compatibility Including Biologics


  • Novel biomaterials require gentle sterilization
  • Traditional sterilization modalities have limitations with sterilizing liquid formulations
  • Inactivation, Degradation, and Breakdown of materials with traditional sterilization methods


Broader compatibility and in-house processing options help R&D teams shorten turnaround times while preserving mechanical properties.

NovaSterilis offers in-house equipment and contract research services to help R&D teams benefit from the capabilities of scCO2 sterilization. Explore our suite of testing services designed to determine Supercritical CO2 compatibility with your device or material. 

Learn Why NovaSterilis is a Trusted Solution for Terminal Sterilization with scCO2.

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