The NovaSterilis team is dedicated to advancing its vision and focusing on its mission for the benefit of all its stakeholders. We invite you, our customers and partners, to join us as we dedicate ourselves to improving the quality of people’s lives around the world through a commitment to daily excellence.

The NovaSterilis Vision:

NovaSterilis’ vision is to improve people’s lives by

  • Making people safer through superior infection control;
  • Creating novel regenerative medical devices and medicines; and
  • Providing people with scCO2 knowledge to explore possibilities only imagined.

At its core, NovaSterilis is a team of intelligent, caring, demanding scientists, engineers and business people committed to meeting customer needs through problem solving. We have readily available equipment and process solutions for defined customer needs, and we can provide contract research services when the customer’s needs are not defined. Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers, biochemists, molecular and cellular biologists bring their broad and deep knowledge to every contract research challenge.

The NovaSterilis Mission:

NovaSterilis is committed to providing scCO2 technologies that meet or exceed the highest standards for product safety and performance. Our team will continue to develop new scCO2 applications for both existing and new markets through a deeper understanding of the chemical properties of scCO2, the biological effects of scCO2 and the novel engineering platforms necessary to deliver on this new understanding.