There is a growing number of drug delivery devices being used in medicine and many incorporate biological materials and biologically active constituents. The fields of bioengineering and tissue engineering are generating these new medical devices that contain natural, synthetic or combination products, which assist the body in healing or regenerating tissue. NovaSterilis’ scCO2 sterilization process has been utilized to sterilize innovative regenerative materials, polymers, and biologic scaffolds, with little or no negative effects on the devices.

The list of materials and the combinations biological active agents continues to grow. As these products become more technical and refined, it becomes vital to utilize a sterilization process that maintains the physical characteristics and biologic qualities of the material being sterilized. The desire to produce materials that quickly integrate and support cell proliferation limits your sterilization choices; NovaSterilis has a growing data set that supports scCO2 sterilization for these types of materials.

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