NovaSterilis has supported academic and industry R&D groups for years, bringing extensive experience and expertise in the use of scCO2. For any lab looking to bring a product to market, it’s vital to consider sterilization methods early on in the R&D process and understand how sterilization may affect the performance of materials and products. NovaSterilis can help with this.

scCO2 has been recognized by the FDA as a terminal sterilization solution and used for multiple FDA-cleared devices, making it a trusted option. NovaSterilis offers both R&D and manufacturing equipment, allowing the scCO2 sterilization process to translate from the lab to the manufacturing floor and helping you streamline the process to get products to market fast and safely.

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The FDA has recognized very few terminal sterilization methods that can be implemented at the benchtop scale. NovaSterilis brings the power of supercritical CO2 sterilization technology to laboratories at a benchtop scale and an affordable price.

We offer R&D equipment, Commercial Equipment, and Contract Research Services as a way of introducing and supporting partners to the full breadth of capabilities of scCO2 sterilization and processing.


NovaSterilis Advantages:

  • Benchtop Scale Equipment: NovaSterilis offers benchtop scCO2 equipment that can be used for sterilization, as well as cleaning, decellularization, and functionalizing materials.
  • Broadly Compatible: scCO2 sterilization is uniquely compatible with natural and synthetic materials that are commonly used in novel medical devices/biomaterials.
  • Experienced Partner, Better Opportunities: NovaSterilis works with academic groups around the world and have helped many labs by providing a terminal sterilization method for novel medical devices and biomaterials which has allowed academics to successfully license their technology to corporations.
  • Sterilization for Commercialization: Aseptic techniques commonly used in laboratory settings are acceptable for research, but medical device manufacturing requires a terminal sterilization method for commercialization. scCO2 offers the solution.

NovaSterilis Life Sciences Offerings:

NovaSterilis offers an array of services and equipment offerings to the Life Sciences industry to introduce and support partners with experiencing the capabilities of scCO2 sterilization and processing.

NovaGenesis brings the technology of supercritical CO2 processing into laboratories at a bench top scale that is practical and affordable. Released in 2019, the NovaGenesis leverages the experience and success of the Nova2210 and Nova8810. The NovaGenesis can be configured with vessel sizes, pressure ratings and controls that align with a lab’s requirements and budget.  At approximately 60 lbs., and in a form factor of 24” x 20” x 12”, the NovaGenesis will become an essential piece of equipment for innovation in biomaterials laboratories

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The Nova2210 and Nova8810 are the standard commercial production systems. With vessel sizes ranging from 18.9-liters to 100-liters, these systems meet both development and production needs for market requirements. These platforms operate from sub-critical pressures and temperatures to supercritical conditions to meet commercial production requirements. The Nova2210/Nova8810 are powered by NovaSterilis’ proprietary operating software, which provides absolute control over critical operating parameters required for both process development and manufacturing a broad array of products.

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Initial scCO2 compatibility is determined as discreet elements and then as a unit to determine critical process considerations. NovaSterilis’ team can then optimize a process taking into account thermodynamic, fluid dynamic, and chemical conditions to ensure a repeatable process can be brought forward for scale up and production purposes. The NovaSterilis team and laboratory is equipped to perform the process development, microbiology, as well as the material analysis along the development continuum.

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