Rapid  Depressurization  Permits quick depressurization of the vessel. Rapid depressurization has the capability to decellularize tissues, extract lipids, and alter physical properties of polymers.
 Slow  Pressurization Allows for a controlled pressurization of the vessel (down to 1 psi per second). This is especially useful for more delicate samples that would otherwise be adversely affected by a quicker pressurization process.
 Sterilant Additive  Injection Directly injects a specified volume of sterilant additive. The process can be manual or fully automated and has been shown to increase overall concentration of the sterilant additive in the vessel.
 Sterilant Additive  Monitoring* This option can allow for real-time monitoring of sterilant concentration in solution during a run.
 Supercritical  Additive  Injection* This process can add small amounts of additive into the vessel during a run to ensure that threshold concentrations of sterilant are met.

* Currently in development

If you are interested in any of these options or have a different idea for a way to improve your NovaSterilis SCCO2 sterilizer, please contact us so we can accommodate your needs.