At NovaSterilis, we are committed to designing, developing and building SCCO2 sterilizers and equipment that incorporate the latest and best technology.  We have a team of experienced biologists and engineers that can assist you with sterilization of medical products or if you have an interest in using supercritical CO2 for other applications.  We are available to discuss your goals and solutions.

Nova2200 and Nova8800
Nova2200 and Nova8800


Research and Development

Our supercritical COsterilization process is proven to achieve a Sterility Assurance Level of 10-6 (SAL6) in a   way that causes minimal impact to many hard-to-sterilize products. NovaSterilis supercritical COsterilization   is quickly becoming the preferred process for high quality collagen-based materials such as allograft tissue and regenerative scaffolds. We are constantly refining the process for specific products to achieve SAL6 while maintaining the vital characteristics of a product to maximize performance.   

Our team is interested in discussing and exploring applications beyond sterilization.  We have experience in using the properties of supercritical CO2 to coat materials with polymers and drugs, remove toxic residuals from products and form new items in this environment.  The opportunities are endless and include food, pharmaceuticals, devices and material sciences.


Our equipment is computer controlled and automated with multiple safety systems to make the process simple and safe for operators. This is unique to NovaSterilis SCCO2 sterilizers and cannot be replicated by other supercritical CO2 devices. NovaSterilis also provides pre-filled doses of NovaKill additive with each consumable kit to further reduce any chance of error and make the process more efficient and consistent. 

NovaSterilis has experienced engineers with knowledge in supercritical fluids to assist you with your sterilization needs or any other supercritical fluid equipment needs.  They have experience in scale up and customization and want to discuss the specific needs of your project.  Large or small, we will provide the finest technical equipment.

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